Scan & Read


Sample Solution of Building Site Concept
Required products

C-Reader gets OCR data approx. one second! quickly and accurately extract textual
information from passport, ID card or driver license

PC with C-Reader Software 2 installed
C-Reader Sofware 2 enables the automatic transfer of textual data from personal
and travel documents into various software in a few seconds.

GuardPoint Pro
GuardPoint Pro is Sensor Access's powerful yet user friendly, online access control
and alarm monitoring software. Packed with sophisticated features it fits perfectly
within the strict requirements of high security sites.

CardPrinter prints special cards for employees, with the cards they can access the
building sites in or out

Controllers can manage 1, 2 or 4 doors and capacities start from 5,000 and can
reach over 250,000 cardholders

Reader is a device for employees to check in or check out with special cards.
It's attached to the gate/entrance of the building sites.