About Us

C-READER specializes in data communication equipment, such as portable scanners with lots of applications.
Our product range includes pocket Passport /ID scanners.
C-DEVICE project services delivers all the different hardware and software needed as a complete solutions. 

We select all our products on the basis of their advanced, innovative technology, guaranteeing efficient, timesaving and powerful performance.
Even sometimes we need to develope products for custom made projects.

Our department run an efficient, low overhead operation and deliver orders by ordinary post, so that we can offer very competitive prices, while maintaining the highest quality levels of service and support. C-READER only offers class A products and guarantees excellent quality and service, speedy delivery and optimum reliability. Our service department will always help you. Some of the services are, installation of complete systems and all kind of scanners (software) applications.   

We trust that our product offerings comply with your requirements. If you have any questions about our products or if you are looking for any specific products or projects, don’t hesitate to contact us , we will be glad to help you. We continually extend our product range with other user-friendly and powerful data processing and data security tools, ranging from text to pc and image capturing.  

If you have any suggestions, questions, comments or feedback, please send an email .